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BeeHive Style Guide


  • Twitter Bootstrap (responsive)
  • DHTMLX UI Library
  • Highcharts.js
  • Live Code Style Guide


The company was very scrappy and used offshore engineers to compensate for the seed funding phrase. The software was at first bought off the shelf by a 3rd party firm. It was very minimal without a solid framework to develop on.

My Role

As the UI designer, I was tasked to solidify the design direction and work with the offshore engineers to figure out a way to quickly develop web apps. The company was a .Net heavy shop so they had chosen a framework called DHTMLX for development. I suggested that we incorporate Bootstrap and Highcharts as part of the front-end dev toolset to speed up development and also get free device responsive outcomes.


  • A unified system that can be tweaked to work with various products
  • Faster development time
  • Less design and dev back and forth