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Simple PR Search Builder


  • Simple Keyword Inputs to replace Boolean Operators
  • Selectable filters for beginner users
  • Speed deployment with mostly UI updates


The most challenging part of this project was the timeline. As we began to lose sales to competitors who were touting their easier process of creating searches (queries) which attracted beginner users or boutique PR agencies, we knew we needed to quickly surface something comparable to control attrition and help with sales.

While we had to turn this project around within 2 sprints, I was still able to validate our designs with 3 customers and fix some early usability problems before launch. We ended up launching on time and were able to begin migrating a small set of customers before the end of the year.

My Role

I inherited some design work from a previous designer. My role was mainly to validate and refine the given design direction. I was able to identify a few key usability issues with customers and fixed them. As we continued our development sprints, I was prepared to iterate as we went, quickly.


  • Launched an aggressive project online with minimal usability issues
  • Refined filters with a more commonly used and understood pattern