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PR Dashboard 2.0 MVP


  • Provide users with additional PR insights
  • Give users flexible and customizable layouts
  • Increase discoverability of common functions such as Adding New Widgets, Editing Date Range, Reordering Widgets, etc.
  • Give users better control over how data is displayed by adding in size variations for each widget type
  • Switch from Angular to React (plus a different charting library)


A PR analytics company called Trendkite was acquired by Cision as a reverse merger to better serve PR professionals with data and insights. As part of the switch, the team had to handle a front-end framework change (from Angular to React). Throughout the process, design had to work very closely with engineering to ensure every concept is feasible along the way. And if not, the team and I had to determine what tradeoffs needed to be made during our weekly refinement sessions.

My Role

I was the lead designer in this project. Inheriting some previous concepts from a designer that left, I had to quickly get accustomed to how the team worked, what remaining design questions needed to be answered, what customer research needed to be done for validation, etc.

I introduced the process of Crazy 8’s so we could exchange design ideas with team members outside of the product org, including customer support, marketing and sales.


  • A fully customizable dashboard with drag-and-drop widgets
  • A more flexible workflow which allows for widgets to be moved/copied from one dashboard to another
  • New chart type selection
  • New Google slide type of report generation with custom edits capability


Simple clickthrough of the shipped MVP
Multi-metric widget addition concept (narrated so please turn down audio)

Flow Charts

Create dashboard from templates