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PR Reports 2.0 MVP


  • One-click report generation
  • Fully customizable experience
  • Google Slides format report


Our users loved our legacy reports because it was easy for them to generate. However, they often wanted to be able to add in more details, changed the layout, edit the fonts, etc. We want to give them a fully customizable experience that simulates Google Slides or Powerpoint since that’s what our users are accustomed to. At the same time, we want the process to be fully web based and publishable so PR professionals can share monthly insights with their executives.

My Role

I was responsible for user research, prototyping and concept validation in this project. After interviewing a few customers, it became obvious to me that they were after a Powerpoint-esque experience where they could drag-and-drop objects, make edits and share it easily with their execs.

I had to work with engineering carefully to carefully select which feature to implement and which to backlog since rebuilding Powerpoint simply wasn’t feasible, or wise. So I leaned on customer research and identified a few key tasks users wanted to accomplish and recommended those to the PM of this project. He was convinced after sitting in a few user interviews that customization and basic editing capabilities should have been prioritized. Most importantly, users would not want to lose the one-click generation type of experience.


  • While not officially a one-click experience, our users felt that entering some details up front and being able to select which dashboard widgets to include in a report results in time saving
  • No more manually deleting slides one after another after a report is generated
  • Fully customizable layout that mimics dashboard widgets
  • Tested for 80%+ task completion rate and 80%+ satisfaction rating (with surveys)


Simple clickthrough of the shipped concept (narrated so please turn down audio)
Shipped MVP clickthrough