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Kaishiteru Interactive – UX/UI/CX

Welcome to Kai’s Portfolio

If you are curious, I would like to share a few things about me with you. If not, feel free to skip to my work. I know you practical folks.

“I’m sure you’re a wonderful person. But let’s skip to your portfolio.”

No way! Thanks for sticking around.

So, Here goes. I grew up in Hong Kong and absolutely loved the food and culture there. Everyone was scrappy and believed that hard work would lead to success one day. When I came to the states in 2003, I was sure that I would only stay  until I finished college. But the more people I met and talked to, the more I fell in love with, well, everything. I love that everyone is encouraged to express themselves and to become whoever they choose to be.

In my case, I chose to be a designer. I’ve been doing design since I graduated from U of Texas. (Hook’em. Just saying…) Even though I have an advertising degree, I am more of a fan of the SaaS business. Both require research, experimentation and market testing. However, with product development, I get to interact with end users and design in an iterative manner.

Finally, I consider myself a leader and a helper at the same time. I especially like it when I can speak up for others (when necessary). I feel stronger when I feel like I’m in a position to show others my compassion. For example, one time at a HR conference, the team was asked to give a product presentation last minute and had very little time to prepare. Everyone was a little nervous and on edge. I took it as an opportunity to help the team out and practiced many many times for the presentation. I ended up showcasing our new design concepts in front of 100 people (most in my career) and got some good feedback on my presentation style. I guess all those TED talks I had watched paid off.

“Yea, ok. Let’s skip to your portfolio.”

Oh my… So, let’s talk SaaS. The first company I was at managed to raise $2.5M in first round funding. I was the sole UX/UI designer (surprise surprise) who helped come up with a basic/reusable style guide for the early MVPs. I also helped with marketing and product management.

Second company I joined, which I now returned to, managed to refresh an 18 year old product and launch a few brand new products that produce constant traffic and measurable successes. One of the products, which is mobile friendly and B2C, is tracking over $15,000/mo revenue and continues to grow.

Third company added $6.6M dollars in funding soon after I joined. I worked closely with front-end engineers to select and modify a reusable ReactJS library so we can quickly deploy and design. I also introduced Design Thinking and usability testing in their product development process.

Here’s some examples of my work. If you want to see more, please get in touch with me on Linkedin.

Recent Work

Need help with some UX/UI?

I would like to chat! I’m open to volunteering projects for non-profits too.