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Work History w/ API Match


  • Display API results from The Work Number
  • Intuitive Left and Right comparison view
  • Familiar click-to-match interactions
  • Modal confirmation dialogs
  • Revenue generating


Employers often have to use multiple tools and open up multiple browser windows to verify a potential job candidate’s work history. And when that’s done, the data often needs to be manually copied and pasted into the correct platform, etc. This process is time consuming and human-error prone.

My Role

In this particular project, I was tasked to do some UX research on how our users currently process employment verifications within our system. Through a series of user interviews, remote screen recording and low-fi prototyping testing, my team and I crafted out a complete user journey which helped us start sketching. I also helped with shaping some of the product requirements with our product manager since I had the most conversations with our customers and end users.

I delivered end-to-end UX artifacts in this project, including hi-res mockups, prototypes, usability testing documentation, video walkthrough, adoption marketing materials, etc.


  • Clickable prototype built in Axure with conditional logic
  • Transactional, revenue-generating product that’s usable to end users
  • Reusable components that shape future design directions and feature blocks
  • A couple of new but necessary reusable components added to the UI library
  • ReactJS JSX code using Semantic UI


Flow Charts

Prototype Videos

Low resolution clickthroughs

High resolution end-to-end narrated demo