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Employee Monitoring API


  • Sync with national criminal databases and alert employers of updates
  • New slide-out component for summary information
  • Illustrated Modals
  • Forms in Modals
  • Reusable ReactJS components


We want to introduce a brand new feature without having to spend extensively on marketing. We decided to just add a new nav item to the menu and call attention to it by adding a “New” badge next to it.

The ask here was to introduce a way for employers to easily enroll, monitor and unenroll employees for continuous criminal record monitoring. It needs to be simple, refresh-y yet professional.

My Role

I took on mostly a coach-player role in this project. Working with a junior UX designer, we conducted UX research via user interviews, stakeholder meetings, How-Might-We’s, market research to set up the project. We also ran our first Design Sprint to keep the team and stakeholders interested. We did weekly demos to quickly gather feedback and usability testing within 2 weeks of time for validations.


  • Clickable prototype built in Axure with conditional logic
  • Hi-res mockups
  • Refined user research and documentation
  • Walkthrough videos


Flow Charts