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Upbring Calculator


  • Vibrant Color Scheme
  • Remote Collaboration
  • New Style Guide Created
  • Using Grommet v2.0 Framework
  • Mobile Friendly


Upbring wanted to create a brand new experience for the Innovation Lab’s calculator feature. They wanted to collaborate with an external UXUI consultant to get fresh perspectives and different UI ideas. They eventually chose to adopt my UX recommendations and UI.

The Innovation Calculator is meant to be a series of forms that can predict the success/failure of a product/service idea. Upbring needed someone to give their UI some life but their resource was limited at the time.

My Role

After a couple quick conversations with their product lead, I became enthusiastic about the project and volunteered my time to help make this happen. Upbring’s mission is to provide children in need a better future through fostering and other wonderful services.

I performed an initial UX review and made several UX recommendations and clarified the goals and target users with their team. Since I’m a parent myself, I can exercise more empathy in the project and think from a parent’s perspective.

Finally, I took the provided wireframes and transformed them into hi-res mockups in Sketch and delivered a fully spec-ed project on Zeplin.


  • Both desktop and mobile hi-res mockups
  • Clickable prototype on Axure
  • CSS enabled Zeplin project

Gallery – Desktop

Gallery – Mobile