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Datascape Asset Tracking UI


  • ReactJS rewrite (with Blueprint.js)
  • Facilitated Design Thinking workshops cross teams
  • Worked with marketing to create suitable UI library
  • Modified BlueprintJS to serve as UI guide
  • Product relaunched and the company ultimately made a $6.6M round of additional funding
  • Created a realistic prototype with Axure


The company had a legacy software that wasn’t performant or desirable. Meanwhile, the data center industry was becoming very data driven so it was a good time for the company to reinvent its software and business model. There was very little documentation written on the product or the process so collecting the right user requirements was a key task.

My Role

I was brought in as a UX consultant/lead to help ramp up the new software effort. With some previous UX work and research done, I was able to quickly get up to speed and became a contributor. I started mocking up ideas in the second week and collected plenty of internal feedbacks. After a couple round of iterations, I quickly brought the concepts to customers and collected additional feedback. After a couple months of testing and redesigning, I was able to get the MVP to satisfy the product owner’s requirements and make it so it’s desirable enough to get partnered with Accenture. The new dashboards were the biggest selling point. With new customers like Apple and Amazon, the company would ultimately win another round of funding of $6.6M.


  • Several role-based dashboards that were designed with the users
  • MVP features recreated with lots of collaboration with engineers and stakeholders
  • A reusable ReactJS style guide based on BlueprintJS
  • A sales worthy UXUI that would help the company raise another round of funding



User Journeys

Flow Charts


Example Walkthrough Videos

Generating a report
Adding an asset to monitor/track
Adding a custom widget