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Mobile Job Application


  • Mobile-first UX
  • Material UI (v1.0)
  • ReactJS
  • B2C UX
  • Usability testing via and
  • $20,000/mo revenue


When we started working on Swifthire Mobile, the platform was facing a rapidly changing mobile environment. The original (legacy) applications wouldn’t support mobile users and weren’t responsive to device widths, etc. So we needed to revamp everything, from backend to frontend (UX included). We choose Material UI for a speedier implementation. New players are coming in the market with mobile friendly solution so time was essence. We needed to provide our customers a quick and straight forward mobile solutions to sell to HR. And to convince HR, we needed positive numbers and research to show to employers (who run background checks on their job candidates).

My Role

This was one of my first project at the company. I had to juggle with learning the system, absorbing domain knowledge and helping with renovating the frontend at the same time. We had to be lean and scrappy. I was a generalist, a market researcher, a part-time product owner, a front-end coder, etc. for this project. I even demoed this product at a conference to help test the market response. It was a very exciting project.


  • Within 2 years, this product became high profit generating for the company
  • Clickable Invision prototype with minimal overlays
  • Narrated walkthrough/promo video
  • Usual UX artifacts including Wireframes, flowcharts, etc.


Flow Charts

Walkthrough/Demo Video

The video below shows a conceptual prototype that only got built partially. The idea is to show you how I am careful to walkthrough a prototype/demo with a wide range of audiences. Thanks for watching!